Release notes for CoyIM 0.3

We are very proud to release CoyIM 0.3 with a lot of interesting new features and important bug fixes!

New features:

  • Improved configuration options
  • Alternative single view layout
  • Allow associating (local) nicknames and groups with peers
  • Allow for flexible handling of TLS certificates, including pinning
  • Support Tor over Unix domain socket
  • Support for configuring require encryption per peer
  • Allow for turning on or off encryption of the configuration file
  • Remove older conversation content
  • Change conversation text input to allow for multiple lines
  • Support arbitrary servers for registration
  • Improve registration flow to make it clear what is happening
  • Improve setup screen to allow importing, adding or registering accounts
  • Better behavior for checking whether we are using Tor or not
  • Choose what private key to import when importing from a file with several keys

Bug fixes:

  • #276 - Don’t strip out HTML from text
  • Fix broken tests on Go 1.6
  • #261 - Allow for trying to send messages while connecting, without crashing
  • Invoking the program twice will now open up the original window
  • #257 - When disconnecting on purpose, we shouldn’t try to reconnect
  • #223 - Don’t pop up more than one password dialog
  • #232 - We shouldn’t crash on Windows

Other changes:

  • Allow for more TLS cipher suites when connecting
  • Better feedback on failure in various situations
  • Improve the add contact dialog, and add more functionality
  • Display version from the command line
  • Several new known servers with onion services