CoyIM is a standalone chat client with a focus on safety and security. It has built-in support for Tor, OTR and TLS. The Tor support allows users to become anonymous when chatting, OTR makes end-to-end encryption of communication possible, and TLS adds another layer of encryption for communication with chat servers. These features are core parts of the application: they are not plugins or extras in any way.

CoyIM is safe from the moment you start it up. You can simply start using the application and you will not have to configure anything extra to get all the protection we can give you. In some cases you can turn off the safe defaults if required.

Here are some useful resources to learn about what CoyIm uses:

Here are some useful resources to learn more about security:

'Not yet audited' means that CoyIm is still under active development. There have been no security audits of the code, and you should not currently use this for anything sensitive.

Not necessarily. You can run CoyIM without Tor by removing the tor-auto proxy from the connection settings. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use CoyIM with Tor.