CoyIM Installation Guide - macOS

Installation pre-requirements

  • Before installing CoyIM it’s necessary to have Tor service installed and running. Follow the instructions from Install Tor, if you want to install Tor service.
  • Another alternative is to use Tor Browser, but it’s required that it is open and connected while using CoyIM. If you choose this alternative, follow the instructions:

    Install Tor Browser

    1. Go to the Tor Browser download page download page.
    2. Download the file .dmg for macOS.
    3. (Recommended) Verify the file’s signature.
    4. Once the download is done, double-click on the file .dmg.
    5. Complete the installation wizard process.

    Install Tor

    Install a package manager.

    There are two package managers in macOS: Homebrew and Macports. You can choose either:

    Installation of the package.

    • If you use Homebrew in a terminal window , try:
      # brew install tor
    • If you use Macports in a terminal window ,try:
      $ sudo port install tor