How do you add a new account in CoyIM?

  1. In the Accounts menu, choose the option Add Account


  2. In the window Account Details, enter the full account identifier (this is the username, followed by the domain, for example:
  3. Enter a password. (There are no character restrictions)
  4. You can also optionally enter a name for the account.


  5. By activating Display all settings a menu with the following options is enabled: Server, Proxies and Encryption.


  6. The configurations of these sections will have default values, which can be changed if necessary.
  7. Click on Save


  8. The new account will be displayed in the main window of CoyIM.


  9. Right click on the account name and select Connect.


  10. Enter the password from your account and select the option Connect . You can enable the option Save password.


  11. For future sessions you can choose the option Connect Automatically by right clicking on the account and checking the corresponding option.


  12. If you selected the option Add an existing accountin the window Setup your first account , you have to continue from point 2 of this section.