CoyIM Installation Guide - Windows

CoyIM Installation

  1. Go to CoyIM’s download section :
  2. Select the option Download for Windows and the download will start immediately.
  3. By default, the program will be saved in the Downloads folder.
  4. (Recommended) Verify the integrity of the download.
    • Download the verification file (checksum) corresponding to Windows (CoyIM.Installer.exe_checksum).
    • Press the Windows key, and then type “PowerShell”, select Windows Poweshell. Execute the following command:
      get-filehash C:\path\to\file\CoyIM.Installer.exe
    • The command will generate an alphanumeric code that must be the same to the content of the file CoyIM.Installer.exe_checksum.
  5. (Optional) It’s possible to move the file to the directory of your preference.
  6. Choose the installation option that you want:

    • Through the installer
      1. Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.
      2. Once the installation is done, a shortcut will be created in the Desktop.
      3. Execute the program double-clicking on CoyIM’s icon.
    • Through the zip file
      1. Unzip the “” file downloaded.
      2. Access to the folder CoyIM.
      3. Execute double-clicking on CoyIM’s icon.