How to contribute

CoyIM is an open source project and we welcome contributions from users and developers around the world. While the core of CoyIM have been built by a small team of developers, the contributions, suggestions and bug reports from the community are invaluable. As such, there are many ways in which you can contribute. Even if you are not a developer, there are several things that can be extremely helpful to us.

First, arguably the most important way to contribute is to report problems to us. If you encountar a bug or a behavior that seems wrong, please let us know! You can either open up an issue in our issue tracker here, or send us an email at or If you want to propose a new feature, the same channels can be used.

If you want to contribute code, opening a pull request here is the easiest way. CoyIM is composed of several different projects though, and pull requests to any one of them are very much appreciated. The most important additional projects are otr3, gotk3adapter, gotk3extra, gotk3osx, and constbn.

Another very important aspect of the project is translation. We currently support several different languages, but we are missing many more. We use the Weblate hosted platform to manage our translation work. You can go here to see which translations we have, review the current work, and add your own translations.

Finally, the Linux version of CoyIM uses reproducible builds for additional security. If you have the technical knowledge to download the CoyIM source code and run the reproducibility builds, and then sending in a signed build information file, that adds to the security for everyone. If you decide to do this, refer to the file in the source repository for instructions. It is most valuable if you do this for the released versions - ideally the most recent release.

Contributions are the lifeblood of an open source project, and we very much appreciate it!