How do you talk to a contact?

  1. In the main window of CoyIM, you can see all your accounts, with their contacts.

    For example

    • Account:
      • Contacts: and


  2. Double click on the contact you want to talk to and the chat window will appear.
  3. Establish a secure connection. You can do that in two different ways:
    • Click Secure Chat to establish a secure connection.


    • In the Secure Chat menu of the chat window, click Start encrypted chat


  4. Click on Validate Channel to verify the communication channel, in order to make sure that no one else is reading your messages. 6.4.png
  5. CoyIM will generate a 6-digit random verification code that you need to validate with your contact. After you have sent this number to your contact, click Close.


  6. CoyIM will confirm the successful validation with your contact. Click OK, then you can chat in a secure way.