Multi-user chat

Most chat applications allow you to talk one-to-one with other people, but also to create groups in various ways to communicate with more than one person at the same time. In CoyIM we use the model for multi-user chat that comes from the protocol we use - XMPP. In general, this is called MUC (for Multi-user Chat). The model is slightly different than how it works in other applications though. The fundamental idea is that you create rooms which people can visit or participate in. They can talk, change the subject of the room, and in some cases the rooms can be moderated, in order to make sure that communication in the room fits the purpose of that room.

In this section we will cover a few different subjects - how to join existing rooms, how to create your own rooms, and how to do things inside of these rooms. Finally, we will also talk about basic moderation and administration tasks.