The documentation for CoyIM is divided into different parts. First, this part will give you an introduction to some of the most important features of CoyIM. Then, there’s a section devoted to the security and privacy of CoyIM. There are several installation guides for all the major operating systems, and then a user manual which will go into more depth about how to do most of the things you might want to do with a a chat application. Finally, we have a section with frequently asked questions, and then a few pages about the project iself.

But first, let’s take a look at the most important distinguishing features of CoyIM. At the core of the application is the concept of security by default. After that we will talk about encrypted chat - since this is absolutely necessary for any modern chat application. But encrypted chat is not enough - you also need to consider authentication, so that not only are you using encrypted chat, but you know that it’s encrypted to the person you think you’re talking to, and not a person in the middle. Finally, another component that is absolutely core to CoyIM is the idea of using the Tor network to protect the anonymity of its users - and also to provide better security through encryption in depth. We use Tor for several things which we will cover in this section.